Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here


So Santa (aka me) recently brought this fantastic piece of technology into my life, and everything about it has blown me away – from the perfect screen with its microscopic pixels and brilliant colors, to the track pad, to the keyboard; it is literally the laptop of my dreams, and I am so so excited to finally be able to use it to get productive and make creative stuff… and watch cat videos on YouTube, of course.


With the year ending and reflecting back on things, I thought I should also show you guys what my very first “personal computer” looked like.


Oh yes fellow boys and girls of the ’90s, bask in its pink and ultra feminine glory. I remember trying to actually use it as a diary and only being able to insert a sentence and a half in there, so I was a bit limited – I guess it was like training for the days of Twitter though. I did manage to put a couple of phone numbers in, as well as someone’s birthday. Please don’t get me wrong because I am not trying to knock it or not appreciate it for what it was and still is.

I got this pocket diary “computer” when I was in 5th or 6th grade, which would have been around the year 2000. I used its handy dandy alarm function to wake me up to go to school every day. I’m not sure which nook or cranny this baby is hidden in inside my closet, but believe it or not – it is almost 2015 and the alarm still rings every single morning.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s pretty obvious the computers and machines are going to outlive us all. If something as “basic” as the electronic pocket diary still works, then this MacBook will take my brain over next year. Also appreciate your “old” electronics because they’re still pretty fucking amazing pieces of technology, even if you may have something new “better” now. And love each other and be merry and stuff. Yeah, happy holidays everyone.

Big Ang Christmas


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