6 People Who Need to Be Banned From Using #Blessed Forever

Justin Bieber blessed tweet ugh

If you’eve ever searched for #blessed on Twitter, you’d know that most of the people who use it are jocks and spoiled teenagers who got new stuff. I didn’t have to search too long to find people using it in the worst way possible. Though come to think of it, I don’t think there’s really a right way either.


Okay this is actually the least offensive. I mean I totally get the excitement over a brand spanking new, fully functioning pencil, but do you really think the lord had something to do with it? Would you be NOT blessed if you got an old school, sharpen-it-yourself pencil? Please ponder this.


Alright. I love me some waffles, and I love me some Target even more. But buying a waffle maker doth not a blessed human make.


Yeahhh, doing drugs with strangers you just met just sounds like a recipe for disaster – but let’s just completely ignore that part and call it #blessed instead.


This is one of my favorites – the guy actually makes it a point NOT to give money to someone who fucking needs it for the sake of being a decent human being, but in order to receive something in return – dat blessing. Best business venture ever.


I don’t quite think annoying your boyfriend into buying you coffee that you could easily get yourself quite fits under the #blessed category. What we do know is that THAT poor dude is far from blessed. Fix it, Jesus.


Where to even begin? The fact that this person belongs to a Justin Bieber fan club or that they are excited that a *clearly* fake JB account followed them? Either way, it is most likely Justin Bieber who is to blame for most of this #blessed BS, since he clearly LOVES using that hashtag. Ugh.


Thankfully, at least this girl gets it:


For some savvy Nicki Minaj booty analysis, check out what I wrote here!



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