Analyzing Nicki Minaj’s Latest Bootylicious Music Video – “Anaconda”

Nicki Minaj

Every time Nicki Minaj comes out with a new video, I’m not gonna lie – I get pretty excited. I have a soft spot for her because her music and crazy videos remind me of hanging out with my college BFF and all the awesome times we had dancing to it.

Anyways, we’ve been getting teasers about this video for EVER now and it is finally here! Let us rejoice in Nicki’s bootylicious glory, which we get an eyeful, a handful, everything-ful of in this video. Take a deep breath and be prepared to be blown away.

My initial reaction was of course:

work bitch gif       yas bitch drag race gif

I have to say that my favorite part of of the video, or any rap video really, is when the women shake their asses with that same blank / nonexistent expression on their faces. Like girl it’s okay to smile – you’re shaking your ass in front of a camera for a song inspired by I Like Big Butts. Have fun with it!

The part where Nicki is in the kitchen with a bunch of fruit is what immediately set some bells off in my head and brought me back to my film studies classes.

Nick Minaj fruit Anaconda video

The film, Daisies (1966) is surrealist and odd, but has some serious feminist undertones or even overtones in it. It revolves around two women who act a little infantile and crazy, but still manage to attract a lot of men by using their bodies. At one point they eat way too much food and make a huge mess of things. Our professor pointed out one scene in particular  in which one of them gets a banana (an obvious fallace symbol and representation of all things male) and cuts it apart into a bunch of pieces, laughing all the while.

Daisies 1966 gif dinner   Daisies Marie 1966 gif

Daisies 1966   Daisies 1966 film

That is exactly what Nicki does in the video – she sexualizes the banana when she is about to eat it all sexy-like, she cuts it and throws it away. I don’t think I need to go into all the things the penis represents to the male, I think we all understand that. Not only that, after Drake gets this mesmerizing, awesome freaking lap dance, she won’t let him touch her AND she walks away in the end without giving it a second thought. She is done having her fun with him and he’s thrown away like a toy. The whole video just reminds me of the spirit of the film, and in its own way empowers the women because it shows that they know how to use their sexuality as a weapon and a form of control.

Of course it could be that I’m looking way too deeply into this and no one could possibly put this much thought in a booty-shaking rap video. But it’s also pretty likely that the guy who made this video, Colin Tilley, is just a regular dude who wants to make movies, who went to film school, saw this film and many others like it, and used his knowledge in his craft. Who knows? Either way, as silly as it may be, it’s making me want to look for things like this in other videos to look for other references I may recognize, and then feel all high and mighty about.

Hmm on second thought I’ll just stare at Nicki’s booty for another hour.

Nicki Minaj Anaconda video gif

P.S. You’re welcome.


And here are some extra Anaconda goodies, courtesy of the lovely internet.

Drake and Nicki Anaconda video

Nicki Drake lapdance Anaconda video

Drake worried Anaconda video Nicki



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