Another Video You Won’t Believe Exists from the Guy who Brought You “Friday”, “Thanksgiving”, and “Chinese Food”

Right, so Patrice Wilson is the guy behind all the terrible viral hits on YouTube that feature preteens singing terrible songs and have millions and millions of hits. In case you don’t know how these works of lyrical genius and videos come about, here’s how it works: parents who have too much money to spend and kids they want to spoil and make into shitty self-righteous assholes go to this guy and pay him to give their kid a song and shoot a video for them, thereby giving them a shot at “fame”. The fact that people are still throwing cash at this fool after the “Friday” disaster is completely mind boggling to me, but I suppose any fame is good fame.

Anyways, this video is ridiculous on so, so, SO many levels. There’s kids in here acting “hard”, pretending to take drugs (which are actually candy), and cracking out and going totally crazy because, well, they’re addicted to SUGAR that looks like COCAINE, get it!? HILARIOUS. There’s also a kid drug dealer in here with some suspicious looking mustaches, which I hate to admit, is almost adorable. And the best part of Patrice’s videos is Patrice himself making his typical “black guy trapped in a white guy’s body trying to be cool” appearance.

Just watch and try not to let your head explode over trying to understand how this even came to existence.


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