Perfect Polly™ Motion Activated Singing Parakeet: the most ridiculous TV ad of the year

It’s a robot bird that chirps and moves its head and tail ever so slightly. This commercial, like so many other “as seen on TV” infomercials (which I can seriously watch for hours because I love them so much), is hilarious and ridiculous for so many reasons.

Let’s just begin at the beginning. First of all, this little girl would never actually believe the chirping piece of plastic is a real bird, “realistic” as it may be. And if it was, there is no way she would be this impressed with it. She probably grew up with an iphone and technology millions of times more complicated and fascinating than a piece of plastic that moves its head around and makes noise (the same noise, mind you, over and over again). This just reminds me of the commercials from back in the 90s about stuff that would glow in the dark or make it more fun to draw.. or both. You catch my drift.

Anyways, I think what makes this the most ridiculous of all is how excited all these freaking ADULTS are over this shitty little toy bird that no self-respecting engineer (is that what they’re called? do they have a more technical title like useless mechanical toy scientist?) should be creating in this century, or even the previous one for that matter. These grown men and women are all kissing it and petting it and everything.. it’s actually kind of creepy if you watch it over and over like I am right now.

I’d also love to know what kind of people are actually buying this thing (as a serious gift). I’m sure it’s the same ones who buy stuff from those airplane magazines like SkyMall.. have you ever seen the kind of things they sell in there!? But anyway, that’s another blog for another time…

“Chirp Chirp” *insert excited grandmother here*


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