My first (official) blog!


You’ve got blog!

So I don’t know who’ll be reading this, but.. here it goes! I’ve been meaning to start a real (public) blog for years now, but school has kept me pretty busy for the past few years (especially the university years – yikes!). Now that I’ve officially graduated, I really have no more excuses. Let’s do this!

And speaking of graduation – I am terrified. I literally don’t know anyone in my class who was excited to graduate… All of the adults around us were like, “Aren’t you so excited!? There’s so many opportunities out there! Anything can happen!” And we all just kind of looked at them with blank stares / incredulity. We figured we can burn our diplomas for heat  when we all eventually become homeless, so we can at least get some use out of the ridiculously expensive pieces of paper we spent years slaving over.

So back to this blogging thing – as of now, it will probably be a mish mash of my observations / rants about life and the people in it. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will writing about this insanity.


… I’m not British in any way shape or form, but I literally don’t know how you’re supposed to end one of these things. That works, right? Jolly good.


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